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Do all Enrages make you immune to ailments, or is Black Enrage fucked up?

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  • Do all Enrages make you immune to ailments, or is Black Enrage fucked up?

    Just wanted to point out a rulebook confusion: Black enrage states that while enraged you are not effected by ailments, however this is not mentioned anywhere else where enrage is mentioned in the rulebook, including under ailments, however it's all the same thing and should be subject to the same rules.

    To make this more confusing, enrage is used as an example stating that All Status Effects occur simultaneously on a character, specifically mentioning that a character can be fatigued and enraged at the same time (which wouldn't be the case if you are immune to ailments.... so wat.

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    All enrage / berserk effects are the same; +2 strength , Immunity to ailments, attack all characters.

    The immunity to ailments only applies to ailments targeting the enraged character after they are enraged, it will not remove ailments already on the character.


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      Ie, a fatigued/poisoned character can be enraged, but not visa versa. The enrage does not supplant original Ailments. Can Enraged/berzerked be charmed since it is not an ailment, and does it do anything?


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        Yes an enraged person can be charmed. However that... Is not a dominate and you would just not attack the person you are charmed to, as they cannot actually issue you an order.. so the enrage cannot be overpowered by something like that.

        Also, thank you Matt. I was pretty sure about this, however, it still required confirmation for the players before the game. I know we discussed it at the meeting, I just now saw that you had actually responded too. I will also make sure it is mentioned at the opening ceremony.
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