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  • Holistics Disease Scroll

    Tier 5 Healing Arts states that you need a Holistic Disease Scroll in order to create a Treatment Scroll.Scroll. Tier 4 or 5 Healing Arts doesn't state anything about creating a Disease Scroll.

    Is a disease scroll created from tier 4 as part of "special in-depth information"? Tier 5? Foip?

    T4: Holistics 3 – (5 Interlude Actions) Submit a
    Body Tag or the name of a willing character you
    are observing, and a description of your plans
    using IAs. Unwilling Characters may be
    observed, but consequences may occur if Scout
    and/or Rogue is not also purchased. Gain a
    Holistics Scroll with Holistics 2 knowledge and
    any special in-depth information.

    T5: Holistics 4 – (5 Interlude Actions) Craft a
    ‘Treatment Scroll” for a type of Disease.
    Requires 5 IAs and a Holistics ‘Disease” Scroll.

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    Holistics 3 will allow the creation of an "Holistic Scroll" during the IAs or a potential mod. If the Holistic Scroll contains information on an ailment, it can be used with Holistics 4 to create a treatment scroll.


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      This seems I just dont feel its really well fleshed out and if it is some examples of its actual usage might be nice to include.


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        I would also suggest a reduced IA requirement for such with higher levels of healing arts or perhaps "cross-class benefits" from scholar.
        Example A: Lord Crenchaw is disturbed that his house seems to have come down with the itch crotch as well as The Droops after visiting a brothel in town.
        He commissions the Healers Guild to find treatment. The Healers guild, having many other problems on their slate assigns Farwal (Tier 5 Healing arts and tier 5 scholar) and his apprentice Tingly Sprinkles (tier 4 healing arts and a bit of a gigglepuss) to the case.
        Should Farwal also spend the same amount of IA's researching Itchy Crotch as Tingly Sprinkles researching The Droops?
        A skilled physician such as he, with a research background should have mitigated expenditure of time, I'd think.