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A Dark cloaked and masked figure enters

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  • A Dark cloaked and masked figure enters

    A dark figure tired and worn, walks up to the border and places a piece of parchment up with what looks like a red bloody hand print on it, and sits in his corner.
    The Parchment reads; I am Azreal Heavenborn, brother to Azazle Heavenborn, and members of the Noble House Grimory, soldier to Sir Zex, and member of his family military, It is with great joy I offer all Combat focused members to join The Church of The Red Hand, the first combat Church of Karatos, the God of Combat. For info, please speak with Artemis, Kai, Azazle, Molag bal, or myself for info, thank you

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    *Highlord Pious approaches the board and grabs the parchment by it's bottom corner to get a closer look careful to not detach it from the board.*

    ​​​​​Hahaha! Glorious! May your wrath and blood lust carve new avenues for mortals! *Pious firmly places a hand on Azreal's shoulder* Blessings of the Trinity to you and yours!