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*The air is finally cooling off in the town*

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    Sable yawned, giving a big stretch after a trying day in the near by forest. Attempting to get a grasp on the current space and what lived within it took a lot of the cheerful Zhana, her wings felt a little chill, since the weather had seemed to grow cold. Perhaps she had been gone longer than she anticipated, as it was still warm when she left. But it was good to be back in Shamballa....or 'The North Star'.....Shamballa was so much better in her mind. "oh well" she said aloud to no one in particular as she finally came into town. Exhausted she climbed the steps to the tavern and was very determined to have some of its delectable food, and the tea she heard so much about on her way in. Holding her white skirts up, as her tired legs were already having issues getting up there and she really didn't need to trip, the thought of food definitely encouraged her. With a triumphant cry she made it to the doors of the tavern and slipped in, a smile lighting up her face. She'd missed her comrades and hoped she would see them soon....after food.