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    Citizens of Frontier Town,

    As we approach a resemblance of what we are deeming "Society" within our little town, The Sea Wolves Guild would like to formally introduce itself!

    We are a tight-nit faction originally hailing from The Shattered Isles. My comrades and I, at that time, lived within a self-sustaining community with little to no (sought out) interactions from the outside world. We were a happy community. Our builders built, our fishermen fished, our doctors doctored. We lived a truly free and happy life! No man claimed to be better than the other. Captains, such as myself, were appointed by their peers for their skills in leading a group and the cut of their jib. Captains are responsible for EVERYONE.

    After some time at sea, I returned to my home island, only to find that my community had packed up and left (as is common when tragic events happen). However, this time there was not a trace or a clue left behind as to where they went. Thus, I went on a long and arduous search.

    I decided that, while searching, it would be much easier if I had a crew of my own to help, so I recruited like minded individuals to join me in my adventures, thus the Sea Wolf Brigade was created. From there, we gained a higher understanding of these lands. Politics, nobility, economy. All of this was foreign to us! After much deliberation, we decided it would be best for the group to operate as an official guild.

    What is it we do? The Sea Wolves Guild is a "best-possible" recreation of that society. Within the guild, no debts will be accrued. You will work, and be worked for. We are TOP NOTCH craftsmen and women, gatherers, seafarers, combatants. Nearly anything you may need can be found within our guild.

    While the idea of Nobility and Politics is foreign to us, we understand that these are not our lands, so certain laws and rules must be followed. That being said, we operate only under the most fair of circumstances. None of our members will be pressured, bullied, or commanded to do anything, unless those commands come from the Guild Master (Captain Flint) himself! We keep our own safe and secure first and foremost. Our security and well being will trickle down into the towns safety, ability to procure weapons, and monetary flow.

    What are we doing now? Currently a number of things have been set into motion. Our guild is working with the nobility of the lands to fulfill contracts. Our "menu" will be added below.

    How can you help? We are ALWAYS looking for new members to add to the Guild. If you would be interested, please send a letter to or speak with Captain Flint or any of his Crew. There ARE requirements for joining.


    Listed below are the services we offer...

    CURRENTLY ALL CONTRACTS FOR TIER 1 WOOD AND STONE ARE AUTOMATICALLY DECLINED. We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to the shortage of and high demand within the guild, Tier 1 stone and wood contracts cannot be completed at this time. We appreciate your understanding.

    Gathering- We can gather any material for you up to Tier 3. We will also provide all yielded materials for a nominal fee if you provide a prospecting map
    Artisan- Our artisan can craft anything you may need, up to Tier 3.
    Tailor- Fantastic Clothing crafted, up to Tier 3.
    Tinker- Tired of getting robbed? See up for traps and locks up to Tier 3.
    Prospecting- Currently able to help you find more of what you need, up to Tier 2.
    Blacksmithing- Get hard, up to Tier 3.

    We are also starting construction on the towns first Hotel, "Tailored Affairs." Hot meals, wonderfully accommodating suites, beautiful furniture. A true healing experience for both body and soul! If you would like to donate to the effort to get it built, or book a room in advance, please see Captain Flint!

    And as always, we are looking to recruit more members! If you have interest in helping the Guild, yourself, and the town, please apply directly to Captain Flint or Quartermaster Quazzi!

    If you have any wares to sell, please let us know! We will always pay fair market value or fair trade value for anything you wish to be rid of!

    Captain Flint
    Sea Wolves GuildMaster

    *An image of the iconic wolf head is printed below with a wax seal stamped at the bottom*

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