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Calling All Clerics & Divinely Favored!

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  • Calling All Clerics & Divinely Favored!

    *You see a large parchment with scrawlling glittery writing posted in the center of the board*

    Good day to you fine folks of North Star.

    I would like to formally invite all clerics of the various Gods and Goddesses to attend a ritual at next gather. LaZam and I feel there has been much danger and hidden intrigue in our new town. Surely you have all felt the Gods awakening as of late, felt the touch of the one you dedicate your lives to.... We both feel if we can all come together and bring our collective worship perhaps we can ask for favor and advice in the days to come. This will be peaceful and welcoming moment to share for those who attend, and while clerics will be the ones performing the ritual, other worshipers are welcome to come and witness. We ask that you bring an offering for your God or Goddess, we shall provide the required salts and chalk for the drawing of your sigils. The hope is to perform this together as a community for the greater good of all, and it is our goal to have a cleric of each God or Goddess that was touched by divine favor recently. Please meet us at the fire circle on Saturday night when the moon is high in the sky.

    Your friendly fairy healer and sprite,

    Sable & LaZam

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    *walks up, scratches out North Star and writes Shambala and signs my name Baron Allexander Leffery, then walks away*
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