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  • New guild!

    (Piece of parchment with an orange sideways hourglass is posted on the board, written in neat cursive handwritting)

    A new guild has come to town!!

    Vögelnschwarm is here for everyone. Offering protection and a guarantee to work for all interested workers! Need something done? Just ask and you will be helped! We are here to unite the town and guarantee to protect from any outside force that threatens you!

    We are looking for fighters, crafters, gatherers, everyone! All of your taxes will be paid for your dedication to bringing the land of Mordavia together!

    Contact Hollowman or Tlotskyotski for more information!

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    "Good for them" Ord says, small tear in eye.


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      The Hollowman has set up shop on a table just inside the tavern, behind the announcement. He is surrounded by a chaotic sprawl of mapmaking materials and a sign reading in a rough scrawl "ASK ME ABOUT THE VÖGELNSCHWARM".