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Crisp paper with "UNDER THE TREE" written across the top

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  • Crisp paper with "UNDER THE TREE" written across the top

    Tired of monsters interrupting your meal?
    Tired of nobles telling you to shut up while they talk noble stuff?
    Tired of those dang peasants ceaselessly chattering while your talking important noble things?

    Then come on down to Byork's Place, eatery and barter station, is open under the tree!
    Savory dishes served each night and afternoon, snacks and drinks as well, all for decent prices. We accept Kopeks OR barter.
    Breakfast and COFFEE is served in the morning.
    And don't miss our newest offering:

    "Byorks Masterful Health Tonic" Guaranteed to make you harder to kill. Only 15K. Keep the Souvineer potion bottle for only 10K extra!

    Not interested in food? Come on down and commission a crafted item of your choice for reasonable prices, or trade those unwanted materials you found out in the woods.

    Don't eat food? Byork himself is quite tasty and will let any hungry vampire have a bite for 10K per bite (10hp}

    This week's menu
    Beef stew with potatoes, carrots and onions, with crusty bread
    Bacon and eggs in the morning with coffee
    Fruit pies
    Hot chocolate
    Cold Water.