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A note is pinned to the Bulletin Board with a small chip of a bone

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  • A note is pinned to the Bulletin Board with a small chip of a bone

    ::The note is somewhat ragged as if the paper itself had been through a share of battles. The letters upon it are very neat and almost mechanically written. The note seems to drag on a bit as if the person writing it got a bit side-tracked while doing so.::

    Good day, citizens of this lovely establishment.

    My name is Rattle, and I just wanted to let you all in on my fantastic deals.

    I have journeyed quite the distance to get here, and during my trip I have collected so so many bones, and I just wanted to allow you all the chance to purchase them.

    Bones are great, they have so many amazing uses, come in so many different shapes and sizes, some turn different shades of colors depending on age and condition.

    I'd really hate to part with my collection, but I can only hope to find people in this town as fascinated in bones as I am. I'll be back in a few days to meet you all and show off all my different bones.


    Rattle "The Bone Collector"

    ::A small skull is drawn upon the bottom of the note::

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    Ord, Lord of Sloth wipes sweat leisurely from a lordly brow with a black handkerchief after walking through the door to the tavern. A tavern soon to hold another meeting one must prioritize avoiding.
    "Even in their Winter, the weather is forge like in heat. I swear on my own grave that I will move to the frosty mountains above Kogian once my duty is completed in this land."
    The words comes out tiredly from the chapped lips beneath Ord's scarves.


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      "ORWELL!! Hurry up! And stop petting that Swamp dragon!", Ord yells at his human adviser and soon looks exasperated at the bundle of rage named Hollowman. "May I please ask of you to get that man before he loses a hand?" Ord asks
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        "Once your grave exists, you may be beyond enjoying the frigid winds of the mountains, I fear." Orwell says, leaning on his staff.
        "What is it you wish of me, my lord?" he asks as he idly scribbles some notes on swamp dragons into his journal
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          "I shall be in the Feast Halls of the Lady of the Harvest then and far from here. And, I would hope by now that you know that I would want this corpse (points to self) burnt once the time comes. Would you kindly transcribe that notice for me? My eyes wish not to look upon the tatters and horrid quillsmanship."


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            "As you wish my lord" Orwell inscribes Ord's funerary wishes into his journal as well.
            "Is that what you called on me for? Or was there some other task you had for me?"


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              The Hollowman starts, having either been lost in contemplation of the bottom of a glass or fallen asleep. He momentarily extends his claws before realizing the three are alone.

              "Huh? What's this, eh?" Notices Orwell transcribing the notice. "Whaddya want with the bone fella, Boss?"


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                Not the notice of my funeral wishes! The note over there! Notice/note. I want to know what it says.


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                  "I'll find that out when the House Human, does as he is bid and transcribes that note and brings his version hither!" Ord also whispers hurriedly under the breath "Thank you for writing that other thing down. I'm much obliged"


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                    "Wait, funeral? What the hell are you guys talking about? What did I miss?" Hollowman looks around in confusion before settling on glaring at his empty drink.


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                      "Nothing of consequence, at least not yet" Orwell explains, copying the words of the notice into his journal as well.
                      "How was your sleep, friend Hollowman? Restful I hope?"


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                        Ord carefully read the transcribed notethumbing the page absent mindedly while pondering whether or not involving onesself with one the picks through corpse piles is a good idea.
                        "What do you think, my house members? Bone was in high demand with the sea owls, but with Captain Flint missing, they might go another direction."


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                          Orwell shrugs "I am neither a merchant nor a craftsman, my lord. Without one of those or a guaranteed buyer it may be difficult to find a use for raw bone."
                          Orwell turns to Hollowman
                          "Come to think of it, doesn't your wife dabble in trade? Do you think she would be interested in these materials?"