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Letter from Roadie, the Free Avian Wildkin, to the Frontier Town

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  • Letter from Roadie, the Free Avian Wildkin, to the Frontier Town

    Dear all who dwell within the strange fortress at the heart of The Great Forest of Eredeti,

    For those who do not know me, my name is Roadie. I represent most of the Free Wildkin and serve as their unofficial ambassador between the Free Tribes, and now, to you all.

    I have spoken with several of you before over the last several months and am now writing this letter to inform the town, at-large, of the dealings of the Free Tribes and the local "nobility".

    As was first brought up to the Noble Council by Hoot, just two weeks ago, the Free Tribes are sponsoring a feast of communal friendship. We will be dedicating it to the goddess of the Hearth, Lady Vesta. Similarly, members of your community have offered to consecrate the proceedings in the name of "Gebmas".

    In light of these extra special proceedings, we have decided to incorporate a series of special ingredients to the feast that will not only enhance the flavor, but will also enhance the spirit of those who attend and partake.

    There will be two sets of ingredients that must be gathered for the feast to be perfect and have the desired positive and lasting effects. One can only be gathered during the night, the other can be gathered whenever, though the closer the time between harvest and usage, the better, so during the afternoon is best.

    I will personally be guiding the nighttime adventure as I am aware of the location, but I will require several individuals to aid me. In particular, I require someone who can disarm traps without setting them off, an at least Adept skilled Gatherer, and those who are capable of covering their tracks/scent as we venture into the forest are highly preferred for this task.

    The second adventure may or may not be guided by myself or perhaps Hoot, but it will be in the afternoon on Saturday.

    We look greatly forward to breaking bread with our new neighbors and hope to break ground on solid foundations of friendship for the long term future.

    Best regards,

    Roadie, Free Avian Wildkin

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    Savage walks past the board and pauses, looking over the note. You can hear him muttering to himself as he peruses the letter.

    "Bypass traps... Adept gatherer... Covering tracks..."

    "Bah, why not just ask for Savage and Cinder by name? I don't know if I should clear my schedule for this or fill it up..."

    His look of deep thought is dashed in an instant when his name is called at the tavern counter, and immediately replaced by the look of a ravenous half-orc with food in his sights.


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      *Flint looks up abruptly at the mention of the name Savage*


      *He closes all his maps and books*

      Sir, mind if I speak with you?